I just love beautiful people.

Oh perfection

Oh perfection

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Anonymous said: How do u know "stay down" and "ruby dat"


Their both my day one homies 

Dayyyyyyy unooooooooo


I don’t know if I’m more scared to think that this could actually be IT, or if I’m actually worried there’s more than just “this”.

Anonymous said: Wow you really are smart and beautiful

Thanks it’s good to hear that sometimes. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said: Does he feel the same about you

LMAO! Who the fxck knows, I said the other day this shit was complicated. I haven’t prepared myself for the rejection if he doesn’t so I wouldn’t ask him a question that could hurt me anytime soon. I’m just living in the bliss.

Anonymous said: Why is that scary that sounds like a great feeling

It’s scary because I know that’s not what he wants && it’s also not something I’m really ready for right now, but of course as I always say If the opportunity presents itself then take it.

If the opportunity presents itself then I wouldn’t think twice about it — I can always make adjustments to my life then after.

Anonymous said: You think you'll fall in love with bae

Scary enough, yes.
Everything he does good or bad honestly just brings me joy… Joy that he even exists in my life.
It’s so weird meeting someone and just wanting to give them the WHOLE entire world. Just wanting them to be 100% happy.
I always miss him, whether it’s the sound of his laugh, or his stupid dances, or the way his forehead wrinkles when he’s confused, or even other things like when he doesn’t know what a certain word means and asks me the definition and then he’ll repeat to apply it to his vocabulary.


Anonymous said: How'd you know you were in love

Well damn,
Love is selfless — so his needs were so much more important than mine.. He was happiness for me or what I knew happiness to be at that time. He was the best part of my day, my week. It’s really an addicting feeling to love someone so much. It’s also really scary to love someone so much, I loved his imperfections, it made him — Him. It doesn’t consist of jealousy.. I became an overall better person because of him. He gets a lot of credit for me being as patient and giving as I am today.

Anonymous said: Have you ever been in love

Yeah I have.